Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Profit with Commission River

Since the New Year has arrived and little has changed in our economy, more and more moms choose to work from home. While a business in direct sales is popular amongst our community, Affiliate Marketing has become a fast growing source of generating income online for work at home moms.

Affiliate Marketing is simply a form of marketing in which you are paid a percentage of the sales generated from the visitors you send to the company website. Your role is to promote your free company provided website and get people to click on your links and banners driving traffic to the company website. It’s easy to start up because there are no out of pocket expenses and you can be up and running in no time.

Recently, I came across an affiliate program with Commission River (formally Congnigen). They are a provider of low cost telecom and internet services and were founded in 2005. What I found to be very appealing is that whether you are experienced in telecommunications or not, you can partner with Commission River and still take full advantage of the income potential this multi-billion dollar industry offers.

Why I feel this is a great business venture for moms?
As a mom, working from home gives us the freedom to generate an income while still providing complete care to the needs of our family. Commission River supplies state-of-the art marketing tools and training to help you build a profitable business online. They provide a generous and rewarding compensation plan, residual income and override benefits. You are provided with your own website, online reporting and all for free!

If you are a mom considering a work at home business, learn more about Commission River and their products to see how partnering with them will help you establish a real income producing business from home.


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