Monday, December 28, 2009

Blogging Tips For Beginners

Guest Post from: TheCEOMamma Blog

| Blogging For Beginners - Video Series |

As the New Year swiftly approaches, so many of us are in the process of launching new businesses and creating the blogs that will go along with them. I’m sure your mind is swamped with all those amazing ideas and plans. You’re probably excited and overwhelmed all at the same time!

Well, here are 4 tips that will help you kick start your new or existing blog:

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

What Are Your Marketing Plans For 2010?

As 2009 quickly comes to an end, it’s time to start putting your marketing plans and goals into motion for the New Year. I’m sure over the past few weeks, you’ve taken time out to sit back and reflect on your business production for 2009. As you look over the strategies that have helped your business grow, it’s important to also assess those techniques that didn’t and figure out why.

It’s time to pull out the pen and pad and begin to map out your course of action for 2010. Consider these questions:

• Did you reach your business goals in 2009? If no, why not.
• Did you earn your monthly, weekly or daily income goals?
• Did you have a clear plan of action?
• Did you utilize a marketing calendar or schedule?
• What were your marketing strengths? (Twitter, blogging, Facebook, etc.)

Now you should determine how to continue to incorporate those avenues where you had success and change or disregard all together, the ones that didn’t. Whether it was obtaining followers, subscribers, new sales, etc. focus on those activities that created the results you wanted. Do what works for you. Remember to focus on your brand and what you offer. Make sure your branding is clear as to not confuse potential buyers. Provide your subscribers with solutions to their problems and become an expert in your field. Be genuine with your knowledge and your prospects will thank you for it.

As you stay encouraged, inspired and have a prosperous New Year, share your plans for 2010 in the comments section.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Living Your Vision

In 1996, when I became a mom for the second time, my dream of working from home truly began to manifest. As I would cradle and snuggle with my new little bundle, I envisioned those amazing moments of bonding, lasting forever. I knew that going back to work was no longer an option for me. I enjoyed the lazy afternoons of holding my son close and studying his facial features. I loved his newborn baby scent and the routines we had already established. For me, being a mom was a dream come true!

Growing up I had always been a dreamer and I just knew one day I would have my own business and work from home. Giving birth to my second child nurtured my dream into existence along with my vision. I had found my purpose and knew I was now able to make my dream a reality. I was ready to start living my vision.

In order for me to make it happen, the next step was for me to share my vision with the right people. I knew the right support would be imperative to my success and I was serious about being successful. It can be frustrating at times when we have these immeasurable dreams that we are so passionate about and can’t wait to share with those we love just to have that dream shot down by those loved ones who don’t share our same vision and lack our understanding. Do you have a positive support system and a team of personal cheer leaders in your corner?

If you are ready to live your vision and work from home, now is the time! It must first start with your dream and the vision you have for your life. Most importantly, you must believe in yourself and not allow negative thinking, people or circumstance to stop you from fulfilling your dreams! You can and deserve to live a life of overflowing abundance. You have the ability to achieve success and be empowered! Be inspired and make your dreams come true.

Thoughts to ponder:
What is your passion?
Do you have a dream and a vision?
Have you written your goals down on paper?
What steps are you taking to make your dreams a reality?
Have you established your support system for encouragement?


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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Women & Business On The Go

Work at home moms not only have an amazing ability to multi-task while managing family, home and business but they also know how to get it all done while on the go! Sometimes a challenge may arise while having to decide how to handle an unexpected customer request while still maintaing the prioritiy of a scheduled family event. A mom entrepreneurs home based business success is greatly influenced by her ability to incorporate effective time management skills. The work at home mom who strives to stay on top of the ongoing demands of running a flourishing business while still putting the needs of her family first can appreciate the ability to be able to implement wireless technology into her daily life.

Many home based business moms value the importance of being able to conduct business while on the go. Having access to email, contact lists and a variety of other business productivity tools easily available while away from home, can help improve your business revenue.

For this reason, the Mom2Mom Network has partnered with SIO Wireless to give all mompreneurs the option to receive a FREE Blackberry cell phone from any of the leading wireless service providers of your choice! This offer is made available to the busy work at home mom with the hectic family schedule who is often car pooling kids to and fro while building a business from home.

Never miss an important call or customer sale again! Visit SIO Wireless and get your FREE Blackberry with FREE shipping today.


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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boost Your Blog Traffic

When I created my first blog a little over a year ago, I spent a lot of time to make it look appealing. I included a few posts on a variety of subjects, video, photos, links and a few other trendy widgets and ads. I was so proud of my accomplishments and just knew my creative genuis would pay off. I could hardly wait for the equally excited stampede of visitors that would soon follow.

But that herd of traffic never came. Sure, I got an occassional visit here and there. But what happen to the masses that I had predicted? After a short time, I sat back and reanalyzed my lonely blog situation. I finally came to realize what had gone wrong. I had gotten hooked on the idea that having a blog meant making money. I had become infatuated with the idea of having a blog instead of having the passion to share my blog. I knew it was time to lay my blog to rest and invest some time into learning how to create a blog people would really want to read.

Here are some of the things I have discovered along my blogging journey:

Decide who your audience will be. What is it that you are passionate about and want to share with others? Is is cooking? Then your audience will be individuals who love to cook (or eat)! Yes, we all want to make money with our blogs but that can not be your motive. If you learn how to blog with a purpose and have a desire to share your knowledge with your readers, the money will soon follow. Once you have dertermined your audience, you can then begin to implement some targeted marketing.

Create content with substance. Your readers will want to follow your blog for a few reasons, the main one being your content. They want to read valuable information that will help them learn something new or entertain them. Your cooking blog should be richly filled with topics such as; cooking tips, reciepes, food reviews and even pictures of your favorite freshely cooked dish! The quality of your content will not only help your blog stand out, but it will also allow your readers to relate to you and trust your expertise.

Define your niche. This is where it can get a little tricky, especially if you are new to blogging and online marketing. If you are a mom who blogs about cooking, you may want to define your niche market to moms who love to cook. In order for your blog to attract your specific audience, you need to learn how to find your niche. A great way to start is to find a few social networking sites online that cater to your market. Social networking sites are great tools to help you and your blog gain exposure as well as help increase targeted traffic to your site.

These are a few ways that will help you create and increase traffic to your blog. The important thing to remember is to be consistent in your efforts. It takes time to build a following but can be easier when you understand the benefits of applying targeted marketing strategies. When you enjoy what you do, your work seems effortless and you will reap the rewards. Happy blogging!


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How To Increase Your Direct Sales Bookings

If you are involved in a Direct Sales business, you know that bookings are the lifeline of your business. Without having bookings on your calendar, you might as well consider your business closed. Often times it’s easy to acquire your first two to three hostesses by booking family members and friends but after that, how else can you increase your Direct Sales bookings?

There are a few tips that will help you get your calendar booked up and keep your business flourishing and growing if you implement them into your routine.

Tip 1 ~ Offer an Incentive. When you start booking your first hostesses, offer them an incentive to help ensure the party will hold. Create a hostess program that you are comfortable with by offering a free product, a discount or a credit based on party sales. Be creative and provide options for her to choose from. Think about your hostess and what you would like to give her for agreeing to book with you. Consider this, if you were in her shoes, would you get excited about what you are offering?

Tip 2 ~ Hostess Coaching. After you have booked your hostess, it is imperative to follow up at the very least, two times before her party to make certain she remains on your calendar. When you contact her, make sure she understands the different ways she can benefit from working with you, such as, how she will earn free product or credits. You can also send a reminder postcard immediately after scheduling her show, send her a letter along with a brochure and samples with instructions to show her friends and co-workers who may not be able to attend and another phone call a day before her party to let her know how excited you are to share your great product/service with her and her friends.

Tip 3 ~ Book From The Booking. After the introduction and prior to beginning your party, give your hostess her hostess gift in the presence of her guest so that they can see the great gift she has earned. You can than share how they too can earn a hostess gift by booking their own party with you. Now you may begin the “layering” process to entice your guests by mentioning your hostess program periodically through out the party. When it’s time to close, you can again ask each guest if they would like to earn a special gift by booking a party and inviting their friends.

Tip 4 ~ Follow-up. The most important lesson for increasing your Direct Sales bookings is to follow-up. Send a Thank You note to your hostess and each guest after the party. This will help establish trusting relationships and allow you to reconnect later on down the line for rebooking, referrals and reorders!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Must See Year End Close Out Deal For You

As 2009 prepares to come to an end, it's time to look back over the accomplishments achieved in your business. Assess what worked and what might not have went so well. 

Let's begin implementing strategies for your business success in 2010! 

Jump Start Your Business For 2010 with This Time Sensitive Offer And Learn Practical Marketing Solutions For Entrepreneurs:  

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Three Tips To Help You Build Your List

If you’ve been around the internet marketing world for any amount of time chances are you have heard how valuable it is to build a contact list. So many people focus on getting to the top of search engines when they could be spending that time working on building their list which is actually more beneficial then being at the top of the search engine. Google can drop you at the blink of an eye but a list can "google proof" your income.

Building a list can be challenging but with these three tips you will be on your way to building an incredible list.

1. Build a relationship first. Your main objective should not be money but building a relationship with your list subscribers. Don’t send email after email that just offers your products or services. Yes, putting your product or services in front of your subscribers eyes is key to making money, however, they more than likely signed up for your list expecting to receive some informative information, not just sales pitch after sales pitch. You will surely find if you continue to do that, you’ll have unsubscriber after unsubscriber. So focus on relationship building first and the monetary aspect later.

2. Be consistent. Consistency is key! Have you ever signed up for a list only to end up forgetting you ever signed up for it because the emails were so far and few in between? Not only does it cause list subscribers to forget they signed up but it causes the potential for loss of income. Then, if you decide to start the list back up later, it will be tougher to get those subscribers to open those emails. So when you start your list make sure you are consistent.

3. Use a good auto responder company. Each company will have different pros and cons you’ll need to evaluate and decide what will be the best for you and your needs. An auto responder is where you will keep your emails, find your opt-in code, keep an eye on tracking how many subscribers are actually opening your emails, etc. So it’s imperative that you have a reliable auto responder company, such as Mad Mimi.

These are just three tips of 101 that you will find in 101 Smart and Easy Mailing List Strategies guide. If you want to start a mailing list or already have one, pick up your copy of Moms Talk Biz Guide to List Building 101 Smart and Easy Mailing List Strategies for easy to follow tips that will help you build a strong business foundation - your list!


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Monday, October 19, 2009

Heel-A-Thon For Y.A.N.A Place

Baltimore's 1st Annual





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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Women Entrepreneurs Use Social Media Marketing For Business Success

If you are a women entrepreneur or a work at home mom, it is imperative to your business success for you to learn how to utilize social media marketing and make it work for you. What exactly is social media marketing? In a nutshell, it is a way to brand and market yourself or business by participating in online communities for the purpose of social networking. This form of marketing will not only help you generate exposure but can provide you opportunities as well.

With the ever evolving internet marketing strategies available, it can sometimes be difficult to always know what the latest trends are. In order to stay on top of these things, we have to continuously work on educating ourselves if we desire to stay in the game. There are a variety of resources and training material available to you online but it can sometimes be difficult to know if your are getting the best information. 

Being a women entrepreneur and work at home mom, it is important that I can trust the resources I use, are going to be viable tools to meet my needs and are designed to help me reach my marketing goals. These are some of the things you should consider for your business as well.  

I have found a social media training network that not only allows me to learn how to grow my business and earn money at the same time, it was created by a successful work at home mom and web entrepreneur. With the extensive amount of on going training videos, ebooks and webinars available, your able to stay up-to-date on what is working in the social media market while building a profitable, income generating business online. To learn more about growing your business using social media marketing, visit Social Media Sistas online. 
Tamyka Washington is a Direct Sales business owner and has been marketing online for 13 years. Visit her website: or


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Friday, October 9, 2009

Start A Direct Sales Business

A Direct Sales business can be a very lucrative opportunity for moms who want to work from home. It offers you the flexibility to work when you want and be your own boss. You are an independent sales person marketing and selling products in person primarily through in home demonstrations and parties. To start up with a direct sales company, normally you purchase a starter kit including products to demonstrate and marketing and training tools to get started.

There are a variety of companies offering many different products you can represent. From Mary Kay Cosmetics, Mia Bella candles, Lia Sophia Jewelery, Tupperware and many more, each offers a unique compensation plan, bonuses and prizes. Representatives or Consultants are paid a commission based on individual sales and/or sales accumulated by the representatives personal recruits. These companies provide ongoing training and support to sales force members conducted by local Directors or Managers and yearly

Before signing with a Direct Sales Company, do your research. Make sure it is a reputable business with a good track record. Take your time, and make sure you understand exactly how you will earn money. If possible, try the products out for yourself. Be sure they do what they are supposed to. It's important for you to believe in the products and the company your going to be representing. To get started, find a consultant or representative in your local area or online to contact. You may also visit the Direct Sales Association (DSA) to search the directory and get further information.

Additional Resources:

How to Achieve Direct Sales Success
Home Party Plan Success
Double Your Home Party Bookings


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Create An Additional Income From Home

You've explored your options and decided you are ready to start your own business and work from home! Now your wondering, how do I start and where do I begin. There is an amazing wealth of information on the internet providing numerous ways to make money from home. Sometimes however, it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide which option would be right for you. Should you make money with Affiliate Marketing or start a Direct Sales business, can you really make money with your blog? To learn how you can earn an additional income from home, check out these helpful resources to get you started Earning From Home


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Friday, October 2, 2009

Stay at Home Mom Tips: Earning Extra Money From Home

Staying at home with your children is a rewarding job. Raising children
is a hard task even under the best of circumstances. Still, moms who
stay at home may be yearning for more in their own lives to feel
fulfilled. The invention of the Internet opened up many doors for
entrepreneurial exploits. An entire world of information is at our
fingertips twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. To take
advantage, all we need is a computer and a little motivation. This is
the perfect way for moms to make some money of their own.

The most popular choice would be internet auction houses. The most
popular of which is eBay. Everyone has something around their home that
they can sell that someone else may want. One day, while your kids are
sleeping, check out the attic and the garage for hidden treasures that
could fetch a good price on the internet. Use a digital camera to take
pictures of all potential money-making items.

Use your hobbies to make some easy cash. Do you like to draw, paint,
crochet, or create crafts? Create your own website to advertise your
particular expertise. Local flee markets and craft shows are a perfect
way to get your product out there to the public. These events take place
on the weekend, so your spouse can watch the kids while you market
your merchandise.

Another way to make some extra money is online surveys. Large
companies spend millions of dollars each year in market research
for new and existing products. They poll consumers like you and
me to see if there is sufficient interest in their products. The surveys
can take any where from five minutes to an hour per survey for
follow-up surveys. Different companies offer a variety of incentives.
Some companies offer points for their surveys which can be converted
into prizes. Other survey companies offer cash for trialing new
services and products.These surveys usually require a credit card
for a preliminary fee that is reimbursed by the company upon completion
of the survey.

Any work you do for extra money on the Internet requires an online account
for companies or individuals to deposit your earned cash. The premier
online account is PayPal. Signing up is free, but you must have a valid
bank account that can be verified in case there is any discrepancy with
the funds in your PayPal account. There are a number of ways to earn
extra money as a stay at home mom. The Internet offers plenty of
opportunities that do not require a lot of time. The extra funds that
you will be making will feel good.

Find family friendly product reviews, information and support from a variety 
of different moms from all walks of life at Moms Talk News
Join us, it’s Free!

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How To Find Customers Online Even During A Recession

Find Customers Online 7 Day eCourse

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars in advertising to make thousands
of dollars every month from your online business.

If your not making as much money as you want in your online business, I
guarantee it's because your hoping customers will find you as opposed to
discovering new, FREE ways to find customers online.

Find Customers Online 7 Day eCourse for Beginners

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Learn How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

If your a mom looking to make money online, Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to get started. What makes Affiliate Marketing so appealing is that you don't have to sell anything to make money but instead, you promote the products and services of other people. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you are ready to go. It allows you the freedom to work around your family schedule and create an income from home without compromise.
To be successful with Affiliate Marketing you must first understand that it is not a get rich quick type of deal. Posting a link in your blog or adding banners to your website simply just won't do. It takes time to build your affiliate business and just like any business, you must work at it daily.
In order to earn a substantial amount of income, you will need to first find a program that offers a product or service that has a need. You have to find your niche and be able to represent the product with honesty and integrity. There is a great deal of competition in this industry so you have to learn to brand yourself to stand out from the rest. What makes you different than the next person? What personalized service do you offer that they don't? Give your potential buyers a reason to want to do business with you.
Next, you will have to be willing to learn about the service or product you choose to promote as well as be trained on the best way to market it. Social Media Sistas is an online network designed by a successful work from home mom, to help women start or build an online business while earning extra money with the Social Media Sistas Affiliate Program. You will find a ton of valuable training materials such as; webinars, ebooks, tutorials, web tools and much more available to help you earn while you learn how to make money online.
Time is also an important investment in affiliate marketing. Again, you have to build your brand and make a name for yourself in the internet world. Often times new affiliate marketers give up before they give themselves a chance to succeed. You must be patient and disciplined to be consistent in your marketing efforts.
Lastly, I recommend that you surround yourself with positive people and those who will offer you support. Seek out someone you know and trust who is living the life you desire and ask them to be your mentor or business coach. Being a work at home is not always easy but if you keep in mind the reason you decided to work from home, you can quickly refocus and be encouraged to press on.

Author: Tamyka Washington has been in direct sales and marketing online for 13 years. Visit her website:

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