Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How To Increase Your Direct Sales Bookings

If you are involved in a Direct Sales business, you know that bookings are the lifeline of your business. Without having bookings on your calendar, you might as well consider your business closed. Often times it’s easy to acquire your first two to three hostesses by booking family members and friends but after that, how else can you increase your Direct Sales bookings?

There are a few tips that will help you get your calendar booked up and keep your business flourishing and growing if you implement them into your routine.

Tip 1 ~ Offer an Incentive. When you start booking your first hostesses, offer them an incentive to help ensure the party will hold. Create a hostess program that you are comfortable with by offering a free product, a discount or a credit based on party sales. Be creative and provide options for her to choose from. Think about your hostess and what you would like to give her for agreeing to book with you. Consider this, if you were in her shoes, would you get excited about what you are offering?

Tip 2 ~ Hostess Coaching. After you have booked your hostess, it is imperative to follow up at the very least, two times before her party to make certain she remains on your calendar. When you contact her, make sure she understands the different ways she can benefit from working with you, such as, how she will earn free product or credits. You can also send a reminder postcard immediately after scheduling her show, send her a letter along with a brochure and samples with instructions to show her friends and co-workers who may not be able to attend and another phone call a day before her party to let her know how excited you are to share your great product/service with her and her friends.

Tip 3 ~ Book From The Booking. After the introduction and prior to beginning your party, give your hostess her hostess gift in the presence of her guest so that they can see the great gift she has earned. You can than share how they too can earn a hostess gift by booking their own party with you. Now you may begin the “layering” process to entice your guests by mentioning your hostess program periodically through out the party. When it’s time to close, you can again ask each guest if they would like to earn a special gift by booking a party and inviting their friends.

Tip 4 ~ Follow-up. The most important lesson for increasing your Direct Sales bookings is to follow-up. Send a Thank You note to your hostess and each guest after the party. This will help establish trusting relationships and allow you to reconnect later on down the line for rebooking, referrals and reorders!

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