Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Living Your Vision

In 1996, when I became a mom for the second time, my dream of working from home truly began to manifest. As I would cradle and snuggle with my new little bundle, I envisioned those amazing moments of bonding, lasting forever. I knew that going back to work was no longer an option for me. I enjoyed the lazy afternoons of holding my son close and studying his facial features. I loved his newborn baby scent and the routines we had already established. For me, being a mom was a dream come true!

Growing up I had always been a dreamer and I just knew one day I would have my own business and work from home. Giving birth to my second child nurtured my dream into existence along with my vision. I had found my purpose and knew I was now able to make my dream a reality. I was ready to start living my vision.

In order for me to make it happen, the next step was for me to share my vision with the right people. I knew the right support would be imperative to my success and I was serious about being successful. It can be frustrating at times when we have these immeasurable dreams that we are so passionate about and can’t wait to share with those we love just to have that dream shot down by those loved ones who don’t share our same vision and lack our understanding. Do you have a positive support system and a team of personal cheer leaders in your corner?

If you are ready to live your vision and work from home, now is the time! It must first start with your dream and the vision you have for your life. Most importantly, you must believe in yourself and not allow negative thinking, people or circumstance to stop you from fulfilling your dreams! You can and deserve to live a life of overflowing abundance. You have the ability to achieve success and be empowered! Be inspired and make your dreams come true.

Thoughts to ponder:
What is your passion?
Do you have a dream and a vision?
Have you written your goals down on paper?
What steps are you taking to make your dreams a reality?
Have you established your support system for encouragement?


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